A la recherche de la heimat perdu

Following the traces of Armenian history in Transylvania


This project is about remembrance and the question of how to develop the feeling of home.

Melinda Tamas‘ research work goes back to her home town Székelyudvarhely in Transylvania, and neighboring areas and little towns such as the Armenian settlements in Erzsébetváros and Szamosújvár, two cities entirely built by Armenians.

Amongst Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Roma, Jews, Croats, Serbs, Slovaks and Ukrainians, Armenians have been present in what is now Transylvania and Romania for over a millennium, and have been prominently active as traders since the 14th century. They have formed and influenced their places of settlements in Transylvania culturally, economically and architecturally.

The project shows paths of living together, raising the questions of how much home does a person need and when does home becomes a home and how does the collective experiences of exile influence our present.

Affected Hungarian speaking families with Armenian background as well as Hungarian Szekelys will take part in discussions and workshops, and work together on the photo and book exhibition À la recherche de la heimat perdue.

The project has started in September 2017 and closes in August 2019